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Life Coach Courtney Williams
Life Coach Courtney Williams

Courtney D. Williams

Certified Growth, Career, Life Coach, and Author

 I specialize in assisting women grow on their  spiritual journey!

My passion and joy is found in walking alongside women as they seek purpose, destiny, and transformation in their lives.  Let me help you reach your goals as you: Keep Evolving On Your Uniik By Design Journey!

Become the most successful you!

A Deeper Look at Coaching! Differences Among Mentoring, Counseling, and Coaching

Listen in as I discuss some differences among mentoring, counseling, and coaching. They can be very similar, but there are some distinct differences. And I meant to say somewhere in the video that you can be receiving all three at once! I especially encourage counseling AND coaching together. It’s very beneficial — I know from personal experience. I hope I did a great job explaining — if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Start Your Journey

Don't let your level of comfortability stunt your growth. Your "new" is waiting on you to move! 
  • 4 hour long one on one virtual sessions

    1 hr

    69 US dollars

Manifestation should be 

of YOU!

a part

Your affirmations and what you are currently seeking can be a part of your Uniik By Design journey! 

Start your journey today! 

Everyone deserves a life coach. Someone willing to be authentic and get down in the trenches of life with you. Someone to walk alongside you to give a helping hand, extra push and some encouragement along the way. 

Uniik By Design Book
Life Coach Courtney Williams


" Her book “Uniik By Design: The Compilation” helped me get my life back on track.  The place to journal encouraged me to write down my thought versus just reading her he sentiments.  I could relate to her stories a lot as they were familiar to me, even some of the feelings she shared were so real. The book helped me get to the root of my grief and even think about where I went wrong in past relationships.  It was worth waiting every day and actually reflecting."


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